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Daniel Craig’s Infamous Naked Casino Royale Scene Could Have Been Even More Brutal For James Bond

Craig: So I’m sitting in a chair, which had… and I’m bare. … And I had a, I don’t know what it was made from, it was fantastic and it labored, it was a form of factor that was the form of my bottom, within the chair. Which I sat in…

Mikkelsen: …to cease the knot.

Craig: [Mads] was truly swinging that factor proper up below the chair, and it was hitting me, the chair, as onerous because it sounded. So I form of needed to give over to the truth that this factor wouldn’t break. As a result of he was swinging the fuck out of it.

Mikkelsen: It did break, a pair occasions. And it was made out of some plywood, so you bought splinters. It was an exquisite day for me—you, possibly not a lot! It was a brutal day, clearly. It was eight hours of you screaming your lungs out.

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