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5 Key Moments From Royal Documentary Reportedly Banned by the Queen

2. Household Picnic:

The documentary additionally reveals the queen and her household having a picnic throughout a visit to a lake. Philip and Anne arrange and attend the barbecue and grill sausages and enormous slabs of steak as Edward asks his dad about what the spatula, or a “spoon,” as he calls it, is used for.

The little boy is later seen sitting and mendacity on his abdomen on prime of the roof of the household’s automotive, shouting fortunately, “I climbed on the roof, Papa!”

Charles attire a salad he helped put together and chats along with his mom. He says, “I lower the lettuce.” On the prince’s request to style the dressing, the queen dips her finger into the liquid, licks it, and declares it to be too “oily.”

“The salad is prepared,” the queen later tells her husband. He seems at his undercooked steak and says, “Good. This, as you see, is not.”

3. Merry Christmas:

In one other scene, the household trims a large Christmas tree. Anne sternly tells Andrew to get off a step-ladder, to which he loudly refuses.

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