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Tool + Nirvana Songs Sound Totally Exotic Performed on a Dulcimer

Ever heard a Tool or Nirvana tune performed on a dulcimer?

Ingenious musicians are all the time arising with methods to carry out artistic cowl variations of their favourite songs; Anthony “Bones” Reid isn’t any exception. The Pennsylvania-based performer, who information underneath the moniker Horns of Pan, has plied YouTube with some well-known rock and metallic songs carried out on the yangqin, a Chinese language hammered dulcimer. Unsurprisingly, they sound exquisitely unique.

Watch a handful of them down towards the underside of this publish.

Reid’s something if not prolific. Within the final couple of years, the musician has filmed himself enjoying yangqin covers of Instrument’s “Lateralus,” Nirvana’s “Coronary heart-Formed Field,” Opeth’s “Patterns within the Ivy,” the Remedy’s “Near Me” and Porcupine Tree’s “Lazarus,” along with a number of others.

He additionally has a powerful singing voice, as CoS identified. When enjoying yangqin renditions, Reid accompanies himself on vocals. Plus, extra performers comparable to guitarist Nick Veld sometimes take part.

It simply goes to indicate that good songs can translate to just about any musical instrument. Fortunately, forward-thinking gamers like Reid are round to open listeners’ minds and expose them to the forms of performances they may not sometimes see within the rock world.

For extra dulcimer goodness, take a look at Horns of Pan on Facebook. One may hear the remainder of Reid’s imaginative cowl variations — there’s loads extra Instrument available — on his YouTube web page.

Horns of Pan – “Lateralus” (Instrument Yangqin Cowl)

Horns of Pan – “Coronary heart-Formed Field” (Nirvana Yangqin Cowl)

Horns of Pan ft. Nick Veld – “Patterns within the Ivy” (Opeth Yangqin Cowl)

Horns of Pan – “Near Me” (The Remedy Yangqin Cowl)

Horns of Pan – “Lazarus” (Porcupine Tree Yangqin Cowl)

Horns of Pan – “Descending” (Instrument Yangqin Cowl)

Horns of Pan – Full Yangqin Livestream Set

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